Friday, April 6, 2012

My first tape mini........

So I decided to try a tape mani and boy was it tedious :/  I  like how it came out,although most of my lines are not straight. This time around my right hand actually looks better than my left! That's because by the time I got to my non dominate hand,I had some things figured out lol .

1. Have the tape ready already! Yeah duh,but at first I was not doing that

2.leave the tape on for almost a minute then carefully pull it off. The longer I left the tape on,the sharper my lines got.

3. On the flip side,don't leave the tape on too long. If you do,you will get little strings of polish coming off with the tape :(

So here is my first tape mani! Not great, but not to bad.

All the colors were from Sinful Colors. The one I'm holding in the pic is Why Not,the middle color is Amethyst and the bottom color is Dream On. I am no doubt gonna try more tape manis! Practice makes perfect and just thinking of all the colors combos makes me wanna do another on right now lol!!

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