Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's been forever.......

It has truly been forever since I posted,but I have been taking pics and have a mega post of colors coming up about 4 to be exact...

My first color is Blue Bombshell by Confetti

Love the way it looks in the bottle,but I had to use 4 coats to get it to look like that on my nails. The polish is sooooooooooooo thin. Matter of fact,I find that to be the case with most of my Confetti polishes.

Next up...

A combo I like to call Banana Pop

I used Sinful Colors Innocent for the ring finger and Spoiled Distant Memory for the rest of my fingers. Innocent is a little more green than the photo shows and it stains *yikes* So make sure you use your basecoat! I love this combo though!

And next up a combo I call Bling bling lol

I used Spoiled "Daddy's Credit Card" and topped it with Wet N Wild's Kaleidoscope. I LOVE this!! The way the glitter looks in the sun is amazing!

And last but not least.....

A gradient that I didn't come up with a name for  surprisingly :)

I used my all time FAVORITE polish ever "Tip My Waitress" by Spoiled, Sinful Colors "Dream On" and "Your Fly's Down" also by Spoiled! Love the way it turned out,but the gradient is truly a struggle to do on my dominant hand but i'm working on it!

Well that's it for now!!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Catching up!

I haven't blogged in a while so I think I will get caught up all in this one post!

My first color is Wet N Wild's Gray's Anatomy

A duochrome  that changes from purple to green depending on the light. I also saw a little bit of silver in it as well. It's not pretty(to me) in the bottle,but I loved it on my nails. I've been trying to try colors that I'd  pass up. I'm glad I picked this one up!

Next up is Ahoy! by China Glaze.  It's somewhere between a pink & red shade with gold glitter in it. . On the nails it is a deep red/kinda raspberry tone. I used about two coats.  I didn't really care for it :(

Now for my favorite out of these three, Love Nails by Sinful Colors. A beautiful turquoise blue with a metallic like finish. LOVE this one!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another gradient....

From left to right Grecian Sun,You're Fly's Down,Why Not,Distant Memory, Daddy's Credit Card and the glitter is called Use Protection. The names in this combo is hilarious! I used the silver as my base.

This gradient was inspired by the tank top I had on the other day,which is pictured above. Reminds me of the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. I used five different colors to get this look and then I decided to add the glitter.

Trying something new

I haven't written a new post in forever :(  I actually have to new looks to post (Yay)! I have been trying to get colors that I usually wouldn't buy,like browns and golds.  So, I decided I would try I'm Ba-roque by Spoiled. It's a beautiful light brown color with very tiny silver glitter specks in it.

Although,I don't really think it looks great with my skin tone,the color is gorgeous!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gradient Time!!

I did my first gradient last night!  Yay,go me!! I followed YouTube tutorial by Laynie from Layniesfingers. I love it!

Here is the cast of colors I used
Left to right
Spoiled Your Fly's Down, Kleancolors Green Grass, Spoiled Daddy's Credit Card and Sally Hansen HD Lite. The clear is Seche Vite of course
I Love it!  I used the Silver as a base coat which gave it a metallic spray painted on look

This was taken before cleanup.

I love how easy this was and it was really quick. I cannot wait to do this with other colors. Matter of fact when I redo my nails tomorrow,I will be doing another gradient!

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 6, 2012

I love dresses

So look at the cute dress I just ordered from Body Central
Isn't it cute!! It's weird for me to buy anything other then accessories from Body Central. The clothes are cute,but i never could fit them.  I recently lost 20 pounds and I am in love with how I look in dresses now! The sizes there run really small, so I HOPE I can fit this!! I ordered this today and it shipped today! Excellent!

My first tape mini........

So I decided to try a tape mani and boy was it tedious :/  I  like how it came out,although most of my lines are not straight. This time around my right hand actually looks better than my left! That's because by the time I got to my non dominate hand,I had some things figured out lol .

1. Have the tape ready already! Yeah duh,but at first I was not doing that

2.leave the tape on for almost a minute then carefully pull it off. The longer I left the tape on,the sharper my lines got.

3. On the flip side,don't leave the tape on too long. If you do,you will get little strings of polish coming off with the tape :(

So here is my first tape mani! Not great, but not to bad.

All the colors were from Sinful Colors. The one I'm holding in the pic is Why Not,the middle color is Amethyst and the bottom color is Dream On. I am no doubt gonna try more tape manis! Practice makes perfect and just thinking of all the colors combos makes me wanna do another on right now lol!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hey ladies....

I got a few Wet N Wild colors from Walgreens yesterday for only 69cents!!!!  I am not sure when the sale is over,but you guys might wanna stop by there anyway!! I couldn't believe it!  CVS is also having a sale,buy two,get one free on the Spoiled polish!

A couple of bad days,but at least I have some cute shoes

Sooooooo,these last few days have been a mess. My truck broke down and we may have to get another one and my laptops' hard drive conked out. I lost everything on my computer. The good thing is  that my pics are all saved on an external hard drive....so I am sooooooooooooooooooooo thankful for that.  I am also lucky cause my husband works on computers and fixed it immediately for me.  I'm stuck in the house without a car, so I have to have my Internet!!

Anyway,I have a spring/summer sandal post today.... The pics are from my phone which is also giving me problems, but it's all I have until I load my camera software again.

Straight from Wal-mart :)  Gold & Silver Thong sandals.  I really love style of the gold ones! They are gorgeous. I originally saw them in the store in a silver color and I fell in love. Of course,I didn't get them that day and when I went back for them,they were gone. However the gold ones were in stock. So I got gold. they are beautiful,not as beautiful as the silver ones though.

I decided to go online and see if they had the silver and they did!!! Yay they also had my size (size 10 big feet I know)!!! So I ordered them and when they came one shoe was bigger then the other :( 

After looking in 4 Walmart's to no avail and then ordering them and they didn't fit,I decided they weren't meant for me and that's how I ended up with the silver ones you see here. Still gorgeous,but not like the ones I originally wanted.

Both pairs are really comfortable and so stylish! I cannot wait until my upcoming cruise to wear them! Well,if any of you ladies are interested,they were both $12.98 (budget friendly) from Wal-mart.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

On a trip to duochrome-ville

So, I got some new colors today (what's new lol) so I decided to redo my nails.  I brought Wet n Wild Megalast "On a Trip". It is a beautiful purple color that is very opaque! I really like even though it's a little darker on the nails than it is in the bottle. I also used Wet n Wild Color Icon "Speak when Spoken To" which is a gorgeous duo chrome from the Bejeweled Collection. It consists of very small multi colored glitters on a silver/purple/blue base. It is a gorgeous color and I love how I don't have to be in light to see it change!!!

I had to use the camera on my phone to capture the true color of the purple. It really is hard to catch the color of Speak when Spoken too. So I used both of these and came up with this
Matter of fact,now that I think about it,this color looks a lot Amethyst by Sinful Colors. The glitter is beautiful! Anytime you look at it can see silver, purple,blue,turquoise & sometimes a hint of pink. Just yummy!

In the pic above,you can see a little of the rainbow glitter.
Here you can see a little of that purple base.These pics don't do either of these colors justice at all. I cannot wait to see this color in the sun! We have had so much rain lately. So I amnot sure if my nails will even look like this when the sun returns. Either way,I will be using this color again soon. After seeing the beauty of this glitter,I went back to CVS to check out the other colors a little closer and they were all gone :( I shoulda snagged all of them when I had the chance :/

I am gonna have to break out my DSLR so that my pics will be better,until then *smooches*

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dot,dot,dot! Not a lot!

Okay,today I did the foil method to get the glitter of my hands! I am so thankful to whoever came up with that! The glitter came off soooooooo easy.  I decided to give one of my Spoiled colors a try! First i wanna say that I LOVE the spoiled colors! They are gorgeous and inexpensive too. The downfall is the brushes are so huge :(   Not only are the brushes HUGE but they are also taper. It is really weird.  Because of this, I am not sure that I wanna get anymore of the colors.

Here is a pic of the brush

Yeah,the brush really sucks that wand is rectangular. These pic don't show you just how weird this brush is.

Okay,so this color is called Tip Your Waitress. I love the names! It is a gorgeous,neon pink!

Here is it on my nails,three coats

I love this color. I decided that I would use my homemade dotting tool (a bobby pin) and do some dots. I used Spoiled "Permission To Proceed" and Sinful Colors"Innocent".  Side Note: Innocent stains the crap out of your nails *yuck*

Yeah,some of my dots suck. I still love it though! *Adds real dotting tool to my shopping list :)* Anywho,this is the cast of colors that I used

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I've noticed a few blogs with a cute "follow me on pinterest" button. How do I get one of those? Well,until I figure it out here is the link to my pinterest page NellatheDiva On Pinterest

TAG: Get To Know Me

I was tagged by V over at Beauty Out Loud.  Hey girl! Thanks for checking me out and tagging me!

The Rules1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on the blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus eleven questions for the people you have tagged to answer.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your tag.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs.
6. You legitimately have to tag.

Yay!! Here We go! Can you tell I'm excited!!

11 Facts about me

 1. My favorite color is purple,but I don't like to wear it that much.
 2. I am obsessed with the Eiffel Tower. I've been wanting to go to Paris all my life!
 3. I think I enjoy Yo Gabba Gabba more than my kids do lol.
 4. I am ADDICTED to Words with Friends. If anyone is reading this and plays,leave your user name in the comments!
 5. I am an only child and so is my mom. Our family is so small.
 6. I could eat Shrimp/Chicken Alfredo everyday and be perfectly happy! And fat too lol
 7. I love photography and just recently learned how to take beautiful nighttime shots! Go Me!!
 8. Me & my hubby take an annual anniversary cruise every single year which I love!
 9. I cannot ride a bike.
10.I used to write with my left hand but my teacher made me use my right hand instead.
11. I'd rather listen to music than look at TV.

Okay Answering Victoria's Questions1. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Love Birthday Cake,but it is tied with Cherry Vanilla
2. What's an essential beauty product you don't want to go without? Lip Gloss
3. Favorite inspirational quote? "Be Kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle"
4. What five words would you use to describe yourself and your personality? Loyal, Caring, Random, Funny,Passionate
5. What's your favorite beauty product? Love mascara. I have no lashes at all!
6. Do you have any pets? Yes, One lonely mean fish named Jack!
7. What did you wanna be when you grew up?  An Astronaut
8. What's the temperature where you live? 80 today and 50 yesterday! Weird, I know
9. A life without mascara or a life without blush: which would you choose? Blush
10. Favorite nail polish/nail polish combination of all time? I am in love with Pure Ice Spit Fire & China Glaze Dorothy Who!
11. Positive thought of the day?  Find something to be thankful for today,cause tomorrow it could be gone

Tag! It's Your Turn
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The Questions
1. What made you start a blog?
2. Do you prefer you hair long or short
3. Whats is the most played song on your Ipod?
4. If you had to change your first name,what would you change it to?
5. What's you favorite perfume scent?
6. Do you have a celebrity look alike
7. What is your favorite polish?
8. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
9. What's the first thing you notice about people?
10. What are two things that makes you want to follow another person's blog?
11. Scary Movies or Happy Endings?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I have boring nails....

Okay, I'm tired as ever but,I wanted to paint my nails because they were chipping. So I decided to try Ice Queen by Sally Hansen.

See,absolutely boring lol. You have to layer Ice Queen. This is about 4 coats! I would do it over tonight,but I know how hard it's gonna be to get the glitter off before I can even start over. Glitter removal sucks,but I do think I know what color would make the glitter pop.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring has sprung

So I had to say goodbye to Dorothy  Who because my nails were chipped so bad :(  Anyway, I decided to use a couple of my new colors for a nice spring look. They are both from Sinful Colors,Innocent and Timbleberry. I brought them at the same time cause when I saw them,I knew they would look great together!

Crappy phone pics cause I'm too lazy to go get my camera

I love how "springy" these colors are lol. Innocent (the green polish) was opaque with one coat but really streaky. Timbleberry was pretty opaque as well,but it looks even more beautiful with two coats.

Innocent,looks yellow in this pic,but it is definitely green.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Survey says....

Okay,I officially love it!!!

China Glaze Dorothy Who?

I finally got around to trying one of my many new colors,Dorothy Who by China Glaze
I like it,but it does not look the same on the nails as it does in the bottle. I really wanted that dark blue color :( It is more like a teal color. This is two coats. I think I could achieve the bottle color with one more coat.
It's still pretty though!

I found it really hard to catch the true color of the polish with my camera.It is really pretty and has a lot of glitter in it. Kinda reminds me of a very starry night! I cannot wait to see it in the sun! Hopefully,the sun comes out before I change my polish again lol!