Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I have boring nails....

Okay, I'm tired as ever but,I wanted to paint my nails because they were chipping. So I decided to try Ice Queen by Sally Hansen.

See,absolutely boring lol. You have to layer Ice Queen. This is about 4 coats! I would do it over tonight,but I know how hard it's gonna be to get the glitter off before I can even start over. Glitter removal sucks,but I do think I know what color would make the glitter pop.


  1. I picked this up in the store the other day and was looking at it. Your nails are gorgeous!

    BTW I tagged you in my most recent post :) Perhaps you could check it out! xoxo


  2. Thanks! You should get it! It's pretty,but definitely needs to be layered! Thanks for the tag! I enjoyed doing it!