Friday, March 23, 2012

Stars, Hearts & Glitters

I brought some polish today *surprise,surprise* These are by Kleancolors and when I saw them,I had to get them! Too cute! Heart glitter & star glitter oh my!!  With the the size of the stars and hearts in these bottles, I knew it would be hard to get them on my nails. Not only that,but with the Twinkly Love(far right) it is especially hard to get the hearts on the brush and out the bottle without it rubbing off the brush and back into the bottle. <---- Did that make sense lol. These will be great for layering though!

Twinkly Love


Silver Star
Without being layered :(  Not too much glitter comes out at all! I am sure this polish will be poppin when I used it with one of my new colors!

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