Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wait...I have a blog?!?!

So,this is my first blog! Not sure what i'm doing here but YAY go me! This blog will be primarily about my obsession with nail polish and accessories!  Well & maybe some of my randomness :) Lately,my obsession with polish has caught up with my love for bracelets,earrings,high heels and handbags.  The crazy thing is ,for most of my life i've only worn polish on my toes. I just never liked the way polish felt on my nails. UNTIL.....

I brought some new polishes and they were so beautiful that I couldnot wai tuntil I was due for a pedicure. I had to get this polish on ASAP! Ever since that day,I have been changing my nails almost everyday and buying polish every time I go in a store. Yes,I admit....I am a polish whore and I love it:) Welcome to my world!

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