Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love them both,just not together

Ok,so my nails are done and I really dont like the way they turned out. Maybe it's the color combo. Yeah,it has to be the color combo because I really love them both seperately! Im gonna redo my nails though. I didnt even clean the extra polish from around my nails where I fudged. Either way it's coming off tomorrow. However,I will show pics still.

I used Sinful Colors "Dream On" LOVE that color. It'a a beautiful magenta and it pretty much looks the same way on your nails as it does in the bottle. As shiny as it is in the bottle, it dries matte! I used a top coat to give it some shine. Really pretty

Then I decided to layer the Dream On with Pure Ice Spit Fire. SpitFire is gorgeous in the bottle. In the sun it's just like having diamonds on your nails!  If you lightly brush your nail,it leaves TONS of glitter. I didn't like the overall look of these colors together. Although I do love,love,love the Dream On and I love the big iridescent flakes in the Spitfire!

It's really hard to see the true color of the glitter in these pics:(

Both gorgeous colors,but I just don't like them together:(

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