Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes.......

So I am also addicted to beautiful HIGH heels!!! I ordered these awhile ago and have yet to wear them.  I am waiting to put together the perfect outfit to match them! They are too beautiful to just be thrown together with some mediocre outfit :D

Anyway, they are by Cupid who makes lots & lots of gorgeous shoes. The are satin and the color is nude. The style or name of these are "Onyxs"  I wish they had a cuter name,but I will think of something lol. I ordered them for around $24.95,very reasonable.

They are 4.95 inches tall and the platform is 1.25". I promise these shoes are comfortable! The platform helps so much. My mom insists that heels this high have to hurt,but that platform helps to level out the foot!

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