Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dot,dot,dot! Not a lot!

Okay,today I did the foil method to get the glitter of my hands! I am so thankful to whoever came up with that! The glitter came off soooooooo easy.  I decided to give one of my Spoiled colors a try! First i wanna say that I LOVE the spoiled colors! They are gorgeous and inexpensive too. The downfall is the brushes are so huge :(   Not only are the brushes HUGE but they are also taper. It is really weird.  Because of this, I am not sure that I wanna get anymore of the colors.

Here is a pic of the brush

Yeah,the brush really sucks that wand is rectangular. These pic don't show you just how weird this brush is.

Okay,so this color is called Tip Your Waitress. I love the names! It is a gorgeous,neon pink!

Here is it on my nails,three coats

I love this color. I decided that I would use my homemade dotting tool (a bobby pin) and do some dots. I used Spoiled "Permission To Proceed" and Sinful Colors"Innocent".  Side Note: Innocent stains the crap out of your nails *yuck*

Yeah,some of my dots suck. I still love it though! *Adds real dotting tool to my shopping list :)* Anywho,this is the cast of colors that I used

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