Saturday, March 31, 2012

On a trip to duochrome-ville

So, I got some new colors today (what's new lol) so I decided to redo my nails.  I brought Wet n Wild Megalast "On a Trip". It is a beautiful purple color that is very opaque! I really like even though it's a little darker on the nails than it is in the bottle. I also used Wet n Wild Color Icon "Speak when Spoken To" which is a gorgeous duo chrome from the Bejeweled Collection. It consists of very small multi colored glitters on a silver/purple/blue base. It is a gorgeous color and I love how I don't have to be in light to see it change!!!

I had to use the camera on my phone to capture the true color of the purple. It really is hard to catch the color of Speak when Spoken too. So I used both of these and came up with this
Matter of fact,now that I think about it,this color looks a lot Amethyst by Sinful Colors. The glitter is beautiful! Anytime you look at it can see silver, purple,blue,turquoise & sometimes a hint of pink. Just yummy!

In the pic above,you can see a little of the rainbow glitter.
Here you can see a little of that purple base.These pics don't do either of these colors justice at all. I cannot wait to see this color in the sun! We have had so much rain lately. So I amnot sure if my nails will even look like this when the sun returns. Either way,I will be using this color again soon. After seeing the beauty of this glitter,I went back to CVS to check out the other colors a little closer and they were all gone :( I shoulda snagged all of them when I had the chance :/

I am gonna have to break out my DSLR so that my pics will be better,until then *smooches*