Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A couple of bad days,but at least I have some cute shoes

Sooooooo,these last few days have been a mess. My truck broke down and we may have to get another one and my laptops' hard drive conked out. I lost everything on my computer. The good thing is  that my pics are all saved on an external hard I am sooooooooooooooooooooo thankful for that.  I am also lucky cause my husband works on computers and fixed it immediately for me.  I'm stuck in the house without a car, so I have to have my Internet!!

Anyway,I have a spring/summer sandal post today.... The pics are from my phone which is also giving me problems, but it's all I have until I load my camera software again.

Straight from Wal-mart :)  Gold & Silver Thong sandals.  I really love style of the gold ones! They are gorgeous. I originally saw them in the store in a silver color and I fell in love. Of course,I didn't get them that day and when I went back for them,they were gone. However the gold ones were in stock. So I got gold. they are beautiful,not as beautiful as the silver ones though.

I decided to go online and see if they had the silver and they did!!! Yay they also had my size (size 10 big feet I know)!!! So I ordered them and when they came one shoe was bigger then the other :( 

After looking in 4 Walmart's to no avail and then ordering them and they didn't fit,I decided they weren't meant for me and that's how I ended up with the silver ones you see here. Still gorgeous,but not like the ones I originally wanted.

Both pairs are really comfortable and so stylish! I cannot wait until my upcoming cruise to wear them! Well,if any of you ladies are interested,they were both $12.98 (budget friendly) from Wal-mart.

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